domingo, 12 de junho de 2011

News all time

Helloooooooo guys I have news in soundclound and 4shared download
If u want just send me email 

See ya muahhhhhhhhh

Xoxo Mika

segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2011

Life is so short

I was walking and thinking about how life goes fast. 30 years in 2012 but do not feel at this age, it seems that I'm still in my teens trying to overcome obstacles and learn from my mistakes. not easy to realize that nobody is getting old and do not have many stories to tell.
I'm trying and trying every day, sometimes I feel like a loser, others I overcome my limits. but one thing is correct. I have to enjoy my life because it goes too fast.

Xoxo Mika 


segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2011

U want party.. haaha

Is very easy you have a party in the afternoon without guests. or advertise. just go and do. I would like to have equipment to do that here in Brazil. 

San Franciso -EUA

 Picture by Jeff Hubis

Xoxo Mika

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Winx - Dont Laugh Mister Joker (Dj Mika D Remix)

Yesterday i was thinking about new remix, and I was watching videos on youtube, as I thought. omg i need to see some movies for a long time since I have seen a good movie. Are U ready for this ? loool

                                                                Click Here for Listen

Yess i have now direct links in my Blog to SoundCloud, 4 shared for downloads and my FaceBook  =) Check This Out!!!!!

Xoxo Mika D

sábado, 26 de março de 2011

Tech Club Session

To make the party this weekend I did a special session of tech house club edit!!!!
This was the set that I played yesterday and my friends liked it woot woot partyyyy 

1- Chus Soler, Alex Garcia - What I Want
2-  Erik Hagleton - Get Up
3 - Bass Kleph - Oh Yeah
4 - Lauer & Canard - Dancin 
5 - Ilario Alicante - Don't Stop
6 - Jay Lumen - Mooovin 
7 - Jose Nunez feat. Taina - Bilingual
8 - Stefano Noferini - Dabadu 
9- The Potbelleez - Hello 
10- Luca M - I Got A Groove
11- Steve Ward vs Andrew Mclaughlin - Love Story
12- Soul Avengerz & Krysten Cummins - Respect

                                                                      Listen here
Xoxo Mika D

*pic By Jeff Hubis

quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

My Second Remix

Axé music and dirty house loool or dutch house.
This track is special for my daddy

                                                                  Click here for listen

segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2011

My new Remix

woot woot (i love this word ) hahahah ok. i did it now.. so i hope u like.. I tried 10 times loooool

                                                                   Click here for listen